1. Monitor the aging of your asphalt roof.

Composition shingles age as they bake in the sun, which embrittles the asphalt. Organic shingles can show their wear-and-tear by displaying cupping and clawing (downward curling). 

This results when the volatiles are cooked out of the asphalt, followed by the wetting of the organic mat along the perimeter.

Don't wait until a leak occurs before, become proactive and monitor the aging of your roof. Storms decrease the life of your roof and you should have your roof inspected once a year.

Roof replacements are paid by either your insurance company or by you. Contact to learn more information about having your insurance company pay for your roof's hail and/or wind damage

Asphalt Hail Damage 2

2. Depending on your insurance policy, you could be owed a new roof due to Hail, Wind, or Fire Damage.

HAIL: Hail leaves a mark in more than just your roof. You'll notice signs on your A/C unit, gutters, and metal trim around the exterior of your home.

The spatter marks are signs where the oxides have been wiped away. Those spatter marks are where the hailstones impacted that surface.

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Cedar Shake Roof Catches On Fire and Destroys House

FIRE: Asphalt shingles are flammable. Please be careful. For Fire Rated roof technology, check out these products we feature:

Asphalt roofs are repairable. Check out our price list:

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3. Would You Like a Metal Roof, but H.O.A. Won't Allow It?

DECRA Shake XD: Metal Roof (stone coated steel)

F-Wave Hand-Split Shake: TPO (thermoplastic Polyolefin)

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Examples of Wind and Hail Damage on Wood Roofs

National Claims Institute is the authority in this field
Asphalt Hail Damage 1
Asphalt Hail Damage 2
Asphalt Hail Damage 3
Asphalt Hail Damage 4
Asphalt Hail Damage 5
Asphalt Hail Damage 6
Asphalt Hail Damage 7
Asphalt Hail Damage 8
Asphalt Hail Damage 9
Asphalt Hail Damage 10
Asphalt Hail Damage
Asphalt Hail Damage 12
Asphalt Hail Damage 13
Asphalt Hail Damage 14
Asphalt Hail Damage 15
Asphalt Hail Damage 16
Asphalt Hail Damage 17
Asphalt Hail Damage 18
Asphalt Hail Damage 19

Examples of Mechanical Damage on Wood Roofs

National Claims Institute is the authority in this field
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 1
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 2
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 3
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 4
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 5
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 6
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 7
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 8
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 9
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 10
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 11
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 12
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 13
Asphalt Mechanical Damage 14

Below Is How To Identify Hail Damage on Asphalt Roofs

  • Hail spatter marks are areas where the oxides and grime had been cleaned away from the cabinet of an A/C unit where impacted by hailstones. These marks can help determine the age, size, frequency, relative hardness, and fall direction of hailstones.
  • Collateral Indicators - Look around, do you see hail marks on fences, A/C units, vents, metal trim? These marks can tell you when a hailstorm occurred, from which direction it fell, and the sizes and relative hardness of hailstones. The fins of an A/C unit can be dented by hail as small as 1/2 inch. The width of a dent in A/C unit fins is about 80% of the size of the impacting hailstones.
  • Spatter marks on shingles identify locations struck by hail and do not constitute damage. Hail removed algae from shingle surfaces, but did not fracture or puncture the shingles. The shingles remained well-covered by granules at the points of hailstone impact.
  • When is an asphalt shingle damaged by hail? Damage to roofing materials is defined as a reduction in water-shedding capability or expected service life. Composition shingles are damaged when they are bruised (fractured or ruptured) or are punctured by hailstones.
  • The damage is immediate and is noticeable visually and/or tactilely by feeling the top surface of a shingle. A hail-caused fracture or rupture is always visible in the bottom surface of a shingle. The Haag Engineering testing programs have shown that impacts which did not result in fractured reinforcements did not cause a measurable loss of service life.
  • This definition of damage, as applied to composition shingles, is based on more than 50 years of research, testing, and field experience, and has been published in peer-reviewed literature. A hip and ridge shingle is more susceptible to hail damage because it has an unsupported region while being a high profile shingle.
  • Recent hail-caused bruise in a fiberglass T-lock shingle. For example, a three-tab shingle, you will notice exposed asphalt in a fresh black color, indicating a recent hailstone impact. Note that most of the granules remained present and intact, and that none were crushed. Natural hailstones lack the hardness necessary to crush granules to a fine powder. The crushing of granules is an effect which may be observed when shingles are damaged mechanically.
  • Hail-caused ship in the edge of a shingle tab. Note that this is a cosmetic condition rather than damage. Are hail-caused chips in shingle butts and edges damage? Generally not. Chips along shingle butts and edges do not result in a loss of water-shedding ability or expected service life unless materials not otherwise covered by granules or a fastener are exposed.
  • Directionality - Typically, hailstones are wind-driven and strike the surfaces at an angle. The slopes of the roof facing the storm receive a greater severity and frequency of impacts than slopes on opposite sides (leeward).
    A roof impacted by baseball-sized hail will have random distributions of impact marks.
  • A hail-caused fracture in a ridge shingle draped over a valley have less underlying support. They can be damaged more easily than the shingles on the larger flat surfaces of the roof that have more solid support conditions.
  • Aged hail damage shows oxidized and eroded asphalt glass fibers. When these conditions exist, it's sign of prolonged exposure. Odd shapes like a crescent-shaped fracture also exist.
  • Recent hail damage shows up as black bruises. Multiple layer roofs are more prone to hail damage because of their uneven support conditions.
  • A bruise fracture caused by hail is visible by looking at the shingle from the bottom side of the fiberglass asphalt shingle.



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