Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you finance my roof project?
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Yes, we offer financing. Qualify for our lowest financing rates with a minimum FICO of 660.
No pre-payment penalty.

Do you charge for an estimate?
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Roofs ONE does not charge for your roof estimate. There is a charge for obtaining the necessary measurements to give an exact price for your roof . We measure your home with the most accurate 3d Aerial Roof Measuring Systems. It is accurate to the 3/8ths of an inch per pixel.
Your estimate/measurement report is complete with: full list of materials for your roof project, the building codes for your jurisdiction, 2 year hail history report and wind report (for claim validation), your own dashboard on our website, your own Project Manager assigned to you to help guide you through your roof process, and more.  

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How long until I receive my estimate?
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We process and email you your complete roof report in around 2 to 6 Business Hours. We'll email/call/text you to schedule a time to go over the details of your estimate via Video Conference.

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Will My Rates Go Up If I File a Roof Claim?
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Filing an insurance roof claim due to an act of God occurrence will not raise your premiums/rates. As a zip code, they can, but for a specific customer, no.

Will my rates go up for filing multiple claims?
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If you have had multiple claims, then the insurance company will view you as a higher risk individual relative to your neighbors and yes, your insurance premiums will go up.

Can a new roof be claimed on taxes?
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Some accountants consider home improvements as a tax benefit, but not necessarily as a tax deduction. Please ask an accountant for proper clarification and proper guidance.

Is a new roof tax deductable?
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A new roof might not be a line item tax deduction, but some accountants have considered to depreciate the cost of the roof over time. Please ask an accountant for proper help and advice.

Is a new roof considered capital improvement?
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Since a new roof may be considered a structural improvement to your property, it could classify as a capital improvement. Many people ask this when classifying an expense between a repair improvement vs. a capital improvement.

Is a new roof covered by insurance?
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Around 30-40% of the roofs in the United States are partially paid for by insurance companies. If a roof is covered under your homeowner's policy, each insurance company has a formula they use to value your roof. Depending on how old your roof is, they will pay cash value minus depreciation minus deductable and add any supplementation stemming from covered scope of work. You would pay for any portion not covered by the insurance plus upgrades.

Can I get a new roof without insurance?
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Yes, you can pay out-of-pocket for the roof of your choice.

Are Malarkey Shingles Good Quality?
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Malarkey shingles are great product. Malarkey Vista AR is the asphalt shingle we install the most. Malarkey Vista AR is rated Class 3 in impact resistance. Roofs ONE usually charges $4.00 per square foot (or $400 per square) for roofing. Their lineup of products have a wide nailing zone that also helps with wind resistance. The Malarkey Vista AR are also approved by the Texas Department of Insurance for installation on homes requiring a windstorm inspection to get a WPI-8 Certificate. Regardless of what part of the country you live in, we can install it for you if you live in one of the 29+ states we service.

How is drip edge installed?
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Eave metal should be installed under the underlayment and rake metal over the underlayment.

What is the lowest temperature to properly install the roof?
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The temperature at the time of installation should be a minimum of 45°F (7.2°C)

Does my roof need a slope?
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Your roof needs a slope if the design of your structure or project specifies a slope defined by the pitch (expressed as a fraction with the numerator value as the “rise” and the denominator value as the “run”).

What if my roof is leaking?
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By the time you notice a roof leak, there has been roof damage accumulating over time. The quicker we can assess the damage, the quicker we can correct it and fix your home the proper way. There are many variables to a leak inside your home, but no worries, we'll explain everything with great amount of detail and documentation of the damage found.

What if my roof is wavy?
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A wavy roof could be caused by several factors, among them: not enough attic ventilation, roof damage, or improper installation. Schedule a damage assessment with us as soon as possible. You want to prevent from the water getting inside your house during the next storm.

Can I get a new roof with velux windows?
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Velux is a brand of skylights that help increase the amount of natural light. They can be installed on most new roofs. The questions is, can it be retro-fitted into an existing roof, the answer is yes it could. Retro-fitting to an existing roof that doesn't have a skylight would be expensive if that is the only service being performed during that scheduled service call.

Can I repair my roof with Flex Seal?
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Flex Seal has been used by homeowners as a do-it-yourself fix to temporarily seal a hole on the roof caused by a blown asphalt shingle. If you are using Flex Seal, then make sure to use several coats to prevent water leaks. It is recommended to properly inspect the damage and provide a more permanent fix by properly installing shingles.

How long to install a new roof?
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The length of time to install a roof depends on the number of people that comprise the roofing crew assigned to the project. A second factor is the availability of the supplies needed to install the roof according to the scope of work in the contract/agreement. A third factor is favorable weather. The fourth factor of the length of time it takes to install your new roof is the size and complexity of your roof. The larger and more complex the roof, the longer it will take to install. The fifth variable is how many layers does your existing roof have? There are more factors, but I'm mentioning these three to point that coordinating a project involves many moving parts.

How much for a new roof?
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There are many factors that influence the cost of a new roof. The old adage applies, "Every roof is unique". Angle of slope, height of roof, installation method (metal roof utilizes different techniques than asphalt), the brand and product affects input costs greatly (TPO vs asphalt vs stone coated steel, for example), weather, access to parts of home, windstorm inspections, how much prep work is involved, how many existing layers are on your current roof, will your roof require decking repairs once the current roof is removed down to the decking? and many more variables affecting the final cost. Something to keep in mind is that we offer you financing to help you enjoy your new roof now.

Why are new roofs so expensive?
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Price is what you pay and value is what you receive. The roofs Roofs ONE offers you have a high price, but deliver even greater value. For example, our F-Wave and Decra roofs pay themselves back in 10 to 12 years because the energy efficiency directly caused by the insulating effects. F-Wave and Decra roofs keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

How do I know if I need a new roof?
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Two reasons you need a new roof.
1. If the cost of a new roof is higher than the cost of repairing it correctly and up to code, you need a new roof.
2. If your homeowner's insurance believes you have enough damage covered by your policy, you could have all of your roof covered by your insurance company (insurance companies require you to pay your deductible).

How much does a roof repair cost?
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A safe number to start with is $1000 to repair a 10 ft x 10 ft section of roof.

Do you need a permit for a new roof?
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Pulling a permit is a helpful tool to the homeowner because it documents your improvement to your property, which helps increase the value of your home. Yes, it is required to pull a permit with the local municipal jurisdiction.

Are starter shingles necessary for architectural shingles?
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Yes, you do need to use a starter shingle with architectural shingles. The starter edge will help seal the edges and cover your shingle joints.

Can I add solar panels to my new roof?
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Yes, for most roof systems you could. It would involve retro-fitting to your current roof system, so an extensive roof inspection is necessary before making a final decision.

Should I wait for winter time to buy a new roof?
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Don't install asphalt roof shingles in temperatures lower than 42 degrees without the ability to heat the adhesive layer of the asphalt roof shingle.
The decision of when to buy a new roof is at your discretion, aside from the motivation to act immediately in order to stop a roof leak. We hope a great quality roof is a priority to you.




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