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Complete Malarkey Roofing System

Formed metal secured into a wall, chimney, or other surface perpendicular to the roof that protects the upper edge of base flashing. 10 ft length Pieces

Counter Flashing

Counter Flashing

Base Flashing is used at the point where the roof meets a perpendicular surface. It could be a wall or a chimney. The base flashing is installed underneath the field shingles and underneath the step flashing. It adds another layer of protection to the decking by preventing moisture to penetrate. Measures 6 inch by 6 inch and it is 30 gauge. 10 ft lengths each piece.

Base Flashing 6" x 6"

Base Flashing

Roof Ventilation: Net Free Area (NFA): 18 sq. in./lin. ft. (67,720 m²/lm). Material: Polypropylene. Hand Nail Installation required. Length: 4 feet Height: 7/8 inch.

Meets Standards for Texas Department of Insurance, the State Of Florida, and Miami-Dade County Products.

GAF Cobra Rigid Vent 3 Premium Exhaust Vent for Ridge Vent

Ridge Vent

Malarkey Vista AR Complete Roof System. Class 3 Impact Resistant. Class A Fire Rating. Wind Resistant Warranty of 130 mph with Emerald Pro Warranty. Great for Windstorm Areas.

Price includes tearing off one existing layer on your roof. Add $30 per square for additional layers on existing roof. Decking repairs are extra.


Complete Roof System

Available colors: Almond, Black, Brown, Light Gray, Standard Gauge Mill, Tan, White, With Bronze. One Piece is 10 Linear Feet

Drip Edge 4" x 2" Galvanized 28 Gauge


A multipurpose thermoplastic elastomer sealant. Adheres to most surfaces: metal, Kynar, asphalt, shingles, modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO, PVC, Hypalon, vinyl, fiber cement, wood, concrete, tile, masonry, and glass. 10 ounce tube. High elongation and tensile strength.

Available in 13 Colors

Mulehide SEBS 1 Multipurpose Sealant


ABC Roof Paint is used by roofers to enhance the even-ness and to professionally finish roofs.

ABC Roof Paint

Roof Paint

Step flashing is a layer of metal roofing material applied at roof eaves to help prevent damage from water ponding (back-up). Also called an ice/water shield. 100 per bundle

Step Flashing 8" x 8"

Step Flashing 8" x 8"

Ring Shank electrogalvanized nail with a high strength polypropylene cap. Designed to install roofing underlayment. 3,000 Per Box

Plastic Cap Nails 1"

Plastic Cap Nails

Zinc Chromate Coated. Use in most coil roofing nail guns. 11 gauge. 7,200 Nails per Box

Coil Roofing Nails 1-1/4"

Coil Roofing Nails 1-1/4"

The Bullet Boot is a polypropylene carbonate (thermoplastic elastomer) flexible pipe boot. The Bullet Boot has one hundred percent UV protection. 35 year Warranty. Available in White, Brown, Gray, Black, and Weatherwood. Available in sizes: 1 1/2", 2", 3", 4".

All Bullet Boots are protected by a screen on top. Preventing rodents, birds, and others from getting in your house.

Bullet Boot Pipe Boot

Bullet Boot Pipe Flashing

Corrosion Resistant. Manufactured from T-304 and T-316 Stainless Steel. Ring barb shanks offer greater holding power in extreme weather climates. Manufactured with large slating heads & Diamond points.

The Clendenin stainless steel ring shanked nails are the best choice for properties on the coast with exposure to salt water.

Clendenin Stainless Steel Ring Shanked Nails

Stainless Steel Ring Shanked Nails

Malarkey Highlander NEX AR Complete Roof System. For more details on the Malarkey Highlander NEX AR, view the individual product.

Highlander NEX come with 6 rubberized adhesive seals plus 3 laminate seals (50% more than standard shingles), 2 rain seals, and a wind seal. Price includes tearing off one existing layer on your roof. Add $30 per square for each additional layer of roof we would tear off and haul away. Decking repairs are extra.


Complete Roof System

10 squares per roll. Secure Start Plus is a lightweight, synthetic underlayment designed with anti-skid technology, which securely holds the underlayment in place and provides a more walkable surface for greater installation safety. Malarkey's most popular and premium underlayment for asphalt shingles, Secure Start Plus also works well for tile, wood, and metal roofing applications.

Malarkey Secure Start Plus

Synthetic Underlayment

10 squares per roll. Secure Start SG (smooth grade) is the most economical, synthetic underlayment providing a layer of moisture protection over the roof, and suitable for use with asphalt shingles, as well as under roof tile and metal. Its smooth surfaces, top and bottom, lessen shingle drag and increase installation speed.

Malarkey Secure Start SG

Synthetic Underlayment

Marlarkey Arctic Seal provides self healing layer of protection to your roof system. Ice and water shield is one of the most important layer of protection against moisture penetrating your roof. At the minimum, you should install in critical areas like roof valleys, roof edges, and roof-to-sidewall transitions where rain, snow, and ice are more apt to accumulate. We suggest you install in your entire roof for added waterproofing. Arctic Seal is self-adhering underlayment. Arctic Seal can also be used as a high-performance, all-roof underlayment. In colder areas, Arctic Seal prevents ice damming.

Installed when required by building code. 1 Roll = 2 Squares

Malarkey Arctic Seal

Ice and Water Shield

The first row of shingles strengthens all of the roofing system. Malarkey's SmartStart code-compliant starter shingles are made with sustainable NEX polymer modified asphalt technology and manufactured with exceptional sealant for increased wind protection at eave and rake edges. The dimensions of SmartStart starter shingles extend up beyond the fastening point of the shingles, providing maximum protection against wind uplift and moisture migration.

114.9 Linear Feet Per Bundle

Malarkey SmartStart

Starter Shingles

20 Linear Feet Per Bundle. Made with NEX Polymer Modified Asphalt and UL Class 4 impact resistance. Malarkey EZ-Ridge uses upcycled tires and plastic bags to increase strength and durability, simultaneously reducing landfill waste.

High Profile Ridge. Dimensions: 8 inch by 10 inch

Malarkey EZ-Ridge

Hip and Ridge Shingles

RidgeFlex are Hip and Ridge Shingles that are rated Class 4 Impact Resistant. These high points can experience greater damage from events like hail and debris. Hip and ridge shingles provide extra impact protection in vulnerable locations. RidgeFlex is our low profile hip & ridge shingle.

31 linear feet per bundle. Low Profile. Dimensions: 10 inch by 12 inch

Malarkey RidgeFlex Hip and Ridge

Hip and Ridge Shingles

Malarkey Roofing System

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