Roof Report Summary

338 Bayridge Rd Morgan's Point TX 77571


338 Bayridge Rd Morgan's Point TX 77571

Composition Shingle Roof Inspector Certification from the National Claims Institute
NCI Residential Roof Inspector
Commercial Low Slope Roof Inspector Certification from the National Claims Institute
NCI Commercial Roof Inspector



7 ft




177 ft


17 ft



Starter/Drip Edge (Eaves + Rakes):



50 ft Head Wall Flashing, 120 ft Counter Flashing

Step Flashing:

120 ft

Predominant Pitch:


# of Facets:

Nailing Method:

Hand Nailed

Structure Complexity


Structure Complexity


Structure Complexity


All Structure Totals

Roof Pitches:

Area (sqft)
+ % of Roof:

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Waste % Area:

Measured Sq Ft / Squares:

The table above lists each pitch on this roof and the total area and percent (both rounded) of the roof with that pitch.
Waste % area squares are rounded up to the 1/3 of a square.

Additional materials needed for ridge, hip, and starter lengths are not included in the above table. The provided suggested waste factor is intended to serve as a guide—actual waste percentages may differ based upon several variables that EagleView does not control. These waste factor variables include, but are not limited to, individual installation techniques, crew experiences, asphalt shingle material subtleties, and potential salvage from the site. Individual results may vary from the suggested waste factor that EagleView has provided. The suggested waste is not to replace or substitute for experience or judgment as to any given replacement or repair work.

Length, Area, Pitch, Images
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Roof Pitch Diagram: 3/12, 6/12
Removal and Disposal of Existing Roof Structure
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Roof Project
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Building Code Details:

City Of Morgan's Point

Chief Building Official: Doug Dupont 281-471-2171

2018 International Residence Code

2018 International Energy Conservation Code

Texas Windstorm Inspection: BEC Engineers (Scott Haskell, Scott Reece)


338 Bayridge Rd Morgan's Point TX 77571
Step Flashing and Counter Flashing Location
Decking Repair Location
Underlayment Endlap Overlap for Proper Installation
Drip Edge Color Instructions
Roof Beauty Course Details
Step Flashing and Counter Flashing Details
Color Instructions for Step Flashing and Counter Flashing
All Drip Edge Paint Instructions

33 Squares: includes field shingles, starter shingles, hip & ridge shingles.

Water seal all roof, beauty course, counter flashing on Stuccomax, painting drip edge Benjamin Moore Black Bean Soup, painting step flashing and counter flashing light color to match wall.

Decking repair with 3/4" plywood.

Complete Malarkey Vista System Color Availability: Antique Brown, Black Oak, Heather, Midnight Black, Natural Wood, Sienna Blend, Silverwood, Storm Grey, Weathered Wood.

Time: One Day

Paint and Install Drip Edge, Underlayment, Beauty Strip (Also Painting and Installing Flashing and Painting and Installing Counter Flashing)

Install Malarkey Complete Roof, Paint and Install Step Flashing, Paint and Install Counter Flashing

Currently waiting for Stuccomax installation to finish and waiting on plumber to make perforations.

Tentative installation date is week of December 3, 2021.

Materials List

Malarkey Roofing Products Vista Algae-Resistant 252 Storm Grey 3 Bundles Per Square 02MLVIA3SG 87 BD - Bundle $3,023.25 $34.75 ea.

Malarkey 227 12" Hip & Ridge Storm Gray 31 Linear Feet Per Bundle 04MLHR12SG 9 BD - Bundle $474.75 $52.75 ea.

Malarkey 210 Smartside Starter 114.9 Linear Feet 04MLSS210 12 BD - Bundle $612.00 $51.00 ea.

Malarkey 401 SA Underlayment 2 Square Per Roll 11ML4012 15 RL - Roll $1,207.50 $80.50 ea.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Roofing Nail 1-1/4" 50 LB 15MIHDG114 2 BX - Box $191.98 $95.99 ea.

Galvanized Drip Edge 28 Gauge 2" X 4" Black GDE824BK 30 PC - Piece $270.00 $9.00 ea.

Galvanized Flat Shingle 8" X 8" Weathered Bronze 100 Per Bundle GSF88WB 1 BD - Bundle $64.50 $64.50 ea.

Paint ABC Roof Accessory Black 0170030033 1 CN - Can $7.88 $7.88 ea.

Mule-Hide SEBS 1 Sealant Black Each 30MHSEB1BK 2 TB - Tube $15.78 $7.89 ea.

Galvanized Base Flashing 6" X 6" 90 Degree 30 Gauge MGBF96630 6 PC - Piece $123.00 $20.50 ea.

Galvanized Counter Flashing 6" Weathered Bronze MGCF6WB 12 PC - Piece $243.00 $20.25 ea.

CDX Plywood 3/4" 4' X 8' 4-Ply 50MICDX34 1 SH - Sheet $72.00 $72.00 ea.

Benjamin Moore Black Bean Soup Oil Base $70.68 (Semi Gloss, Gloss, Low Sheen)

Malarkey Emerald Pro Warranty
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • 20 years RightStart Warranty
  • RightStart covers materials, labor, tear off, disposal
  • Transferable

TIP: Types of Nails To Know About:

Smooth Shank - Galvanized coil nails are the least expensive nails available. Galvanized coil nails are either hot dipped or electrogalvanized. These nails are applied through a nail gun. The zinc coating will wear out over time and is guaranteed to rust.

Ring Shanked - Galvanized coil nails provide more security and resistance to the shingle as it is secured into the wood deck. These nails are applied through a nail gun. The zinc coating will wear out over time and is guaranteed to rust.

Stainless Steel Coil Nails - Rust-proof nails that are great for coastal where salt water can get trapped in between the shingles.

Copper Nails - expensive nails that are important when installing copper valleys, specialty shingles like wood shake, and Grand Manor Shingles.

Plastic Cap Nails - most commonly used to seal the underlayment or felt.

Metal Cap Nails - are ring shanked; used in rolled roofing and the peel and stick roofing base sheet to help prevent sliding and shifting (which occurs over time).

Insurance Underpayment Documentationi

Line Item
Roofs ONE
Starter Shingle
273 linear feet + 11% waste
201.37 linear feet
98.93 linear feet
Remove Comp. Shingle
38 squares
32.10 squares
5.9 squares
Roofing Felt (include waste %)
30 lb - 42.14 squares
32.10 squares
10.04 squares
R & R Drip Edge (include waste %)
313.5 linear feet
201.37 linear feet
112.13 linear feet

Roof systems shall be designed and installed in accordance with the jurisdictional authority named above and the approved manufacturer's installation instructions such that the roof system shall serve to protect the building or structure.

The roofing company performing the work shall act in accordance with the standard of care to ensure up-to-date methods, standards and practices are adhered to. Deviation from such or instructing one to deviate can result in a defect and is subject to an enforceable violation of the jurisdictional authority building codes.

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