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Roof Claim Validation (Wind)

The Memorial Villages (Bunker Hill Village, Hedwig Village, Piney Point Village, Hunters Creek Village, Hilshire Village, and Spring Valley) get frequent 90+ mph winds that reduce the life span of your roof. NOAA considers "staight-line winds" to cause damage more frequently than tornados or hurricanes. It only takes 50 to 60 mph wind gusts to cause damage to your roof. The Memorial Villages are constantly getting hammered by high winds. On this video we look into one case study of a property in Hunters Creek Village. Before filing a roof claim, validation is the key to not being denied or underpaid on your homeowners insurance roof claim.

Roofing Villages

In this article, we'll discuss roofing Memorial Villages in Houston, Texas. The decision on the construction of the roof, as well as on the choice of the optimal roofing material, is made at the design stage, and it is influenced by the design of the facade of the structure. The correctness of its construction and reliability ultimately affect the comfort of residents and the operational life of the premises inside the building and other elements of the entire structure.

Problems With Flat Roofs (Residential Edition)

Flat roofs are not a buy and forget product. Flat roofs require yearly attention and monitoring of any potential problems. The first priority for the homeowner is to establish a relationship with a roofing company you trust because you need to schedule frequent inspections throughout the year and especially after every heavy storm or hail storms. We'll cover the following problems with flat roofs: Standing Water, Biological Growth, Accumulated Debris, Weight Capacity, Vulnerability to Wind Gusts, Blistering, Alligatoring, and Shrinkage.

How Much Does An Asphalt Roof Cost? (Updated 2022)

Price for Asphalt Roofs Ranges from $4.25 per square foot to $4.75 per square foot (1 square = 100 square foot section). There are factors that affect the price, for instance: 1. height of roof 2. how many of roof layers to remove and dispose 3. steepness of the roof 4. the quality of the asphalt shingle manufacturer 5. complexity of the roof 6. size of the roof

Comprehensive Guide to Windstorm Roof Inspections - Residential Edition

Interview with Ezequiel Hernandez, Appointed Qualified Inspector for Windstorm Roof Inspections. This comprehensive guide to windstorm roof inspections covers the questions Ezequiel gets asked the most.

How To Remove Algae Stains From Your Roof

To clean your roof, begin by mixing powdered oxygen bleach with water. Oxygen bleach is safe for your asphalt shingles because it doesn't discolor them.

Roofer Removes Roof from Wrong House

Imagine coming home after a long day at work to people you didn’t hire removing the roof of your home. It’s loud and your yard has been transformed into a large construction site. You go inside your home and your husband or wife thinks you’re kidding about not knowing why your roof has been completely torn off by now and to please stop joking around. Coincidentally, you believe they are the ones playing this awful joke on you. Wait a minute, this can’t happen in real life… Indeed, it does. To everyone’s surprise, tearing the roof off the wrong house happens more often than anyone thinks it does, unfortunately.

How Much Does Self Adhered Modified Bitumen Cost? (Updated 2022)

A self adhered modified butimen roof is an excellent choice for flat roofs. The cost for the self adhered modified butimen roof is directly related to how long you would like to have the manufacturer's warranty. The number of layers dictates the length of the warranty as defined by Mulehide.

Find Leaks on Flat Roofs Fast

There is a new method we have found to give us 95% success rate on finding water leaks on commercial flat roofs and residential flat roofs. We don't damage the property because it's a type of Non Destructive Testing. We inspect your leaky flat roof with an infrared imaging camera. Using infrared thermal imaging is called several things, but it's essentially the same thing. It goes by the name of Infrared Survey, Infrared Inspection, Flat Roof Non Destructive Testing, Infrared Moisture Survey and a few other names.

7 Most Important Parts of Your Roof - Bonus Part Will Shock You

The 7 Most Important Parts of Your Roof are: 1. Decking 2. Ice and Water Shield 3. Drip Edge 4. Underlayment 5. Starter Shingles 6. Roofing Technology 7. Hip and Ridge Components. The bonus one will shock you.

Complete Guide: Pass Roof Windstorm Inspection in Surfside Beach, Texas

Learn how to get a Windstorm Certification in Texas: Re-roofing your beach house in Surfside Beach, Texas requires unique compliance to pass your windstorm inspection. FYI, most roofing companies don't know these details and your roof will not be compliant. This complete guide will help you, the beach house owner, to know the full details of getting your new roof done properly and have piece-of-mind that your roof will pass the windstorm inspection process. If you don't choose us, then please make sure the roofing company you choose follows the exact steps on this guide.

The 4 Ways Roof Claims Get Underpaid by Insurance Companies

The 4 Ways Roof Claims Get Underpaid: 1. Overlook Damage 2. Measuring Incorrectly 3. Miscalculating Waste Factor Percentage 4. Unreasonable Repair Expectations

7 Signs Your Roof Needs Full Roof Inspection

Asphalt roofs begin to break down within 5 - 6 years of initial installation. The first sign of wear is the shingle separating because the adhesive used was low grade or not applied according to specification. In this article, we explore 6 signs you need to invest in a full roof inspection. Roof inspections help you monitor your roof's health.




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